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Why choose our liability insurance package?

At OUTsurance, we know that legal liability can have severe consequences for your business. This is exactly where our expert team of claims advisors will do whatever it takes to assist you to sort out your claim as quickly and professionally as possible. We even take it a step further by providing you with additional covers to make sure that you can get the cover you need most: 

Dispensing of incorrect fuel

Should your petrol attendant accidentally fill a client’s diesel vehicle with petrol, this optional cover, dispensing of incorrect fuel, specifically designed for you will protect you against liability following this unfortunate event. We will cover the cost of draining the fuel from the tank, cleaning the fuel tank, fuel lines and engine, replacing the already dispensed fuel and emergency cost incurred by the customer.

Veld fire liability

If your business has a veld or forest on it or neighbours a premises with veld or forest, veld fire liability will provide you with the cover you need. This additional cover covers damage or bodily injury caused by the spreading of a veld or forest fire. So if your premises is for example on a farm, plot or game lodge or next to such a premises, make sure to have yourself covered in the event of a fire.

Emergency medical expenses

OUTsurance will pay any reasonable expenses of immediate medical treatment required if one of your clients gets injured. For example if your client slips and falls causing the person to break a nose, the reasonable costs for the paramedics who assist your client will be covered.

Employees’ and visitors’ property

Public liability not only provides cover for your employees’ property but also those of any visitor to your business. Should one of contractor’s laptops fell on the floor and the contractor has no cover elsewhere, the employees’ and visitors’ property cover will step if you are legally liable for the incident.

Breakout of animals

Farmers, this cover is especially for you. If you are worried about your cattle breaking through the perimeter fencing and running carelessly down the road, this optional cover will give you peace of mind. Breakout of animals does not only cover the liability arising from your animals breaking out of the perimeter fencing on your premises but also the recovery and relocation of your animals.  

Legal defence costs

Protect your employees, partners and directors against the legal costs and expenses associated with the defence of any criminal action brought against them. 

Public liability

Public liability

This refers to damages which you are legally liable to pay after an incident which occurred in the course of or in connection with your business. For example, if your customers fell ill due to meat not being cooked properly or if a customer slips and falls on the floor at your premises, public liability will protect you against these unforeseen accidental incidents. Whether you need cover for accidental death, bodily injury, illness or cover for accidental loss or damage, public liability protects you when you need it most. 

Employer’s liability

Employer’s liability

Our employer’s liability cover refers to damages that you would be legally liable to pay upon the death, bodily injury or illness of any person employed by you. The damages should have occurred in the course of this person’s employment and on or after the retroactive date in your schedule and where the claim was made against you in writing during the period of insurance.

Should your employee need a hip replacement after falling from a ladder, employer's liability insurance will provide the cover you need provided that COIDA does not also cover the specific event.

Motor liability

Motor liability

OUTsurance provides motor liability insurance which enables you to enjoy cover should one of your employees cause an accident while using someone else’s vehicle on behalf of the business. An example will be if your personal assistant is involved in an accident while using someone else’s vehicle to buy stationary for your business. Further cover can also be taken in order to protect you should your employee cause an accident while moving one of your client’s vehicles which for example blocks the entry to your business.


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