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16 March 2018
Our awesome staff took the challenge head on at the 2018 CANSA Shavathon.

Another great CANSA Shavathon event

The fight against cancer is an all-too-familiar struggle for so many and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected in some way. Which is why every year thousands of people stand together in support at a CANSA Shavathon event. This year our awesome staff took the challenge head on!

The CANSA Shavathon raises much needed funds for research, holistic care and support for those suffering with cancer. For some, the day is bitter-sweet as the joy of supporting this worthy cause is coupled with the acknowledgement of how cancer affects so many people.

Losing one’s hair is a common side effect of cancer treatment which is why the CANSA Shavathon challenges people to stand in solidarity with people living with cancer by shaving their heads as a symbolic gesture. But in good spirit, participants have the option to spray colour their hair or pay a “bail-out” fee instead. Whether you take the plunge and go for the shave or rock a mix of coloured hair for the day, all forms of participation raise much needed funds and make a difference.

One passionate OUTie, Nick De Klerk, who hadn’t cut his hair in 5 years, raffled off the opportunity to his friends and family and in doing so single-handedly raised over R2000!

We whipped out the clippers, scissors and spray cans and raised a whopping R15 502 in total thanks to the generosity of our staff, Nick’s auctioned-off haircut and an additional contribution from our Staff Helping SA OUT initiative. All in all an incredibly successful event, thanks to everyone who came out to show their support.



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