Life insurance companies in South Africa

At OUTsurance, you always get something OUT

When you match OUTsurance’s life insurance product offering with that of other life insurance companies in South Africa, you’ll soon discover that we go 'all out' to give you the best combination of price, product and service.

The truth is, we do our best to provide you with a life insurance premium that will also fit your budget. We guarantee this premium for a period of five years, no matter what.

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Don’t accept anything less!

You’ll be very pleased to know that we’ve got an impeccable track record when it comes to client service and handling claims. You’ll have your work cut out to find another life insurance company in South Africa who cares as much about awesome service as we do! We’re also proud to say that we’ve won our fair share of awards – all of which just serves to inspire us to raise the bar even higher!

Once you’ve accepted our life insurance quote, we might need you to visit a medical laboratory in your area to conduct a few blood test, but don’t worry – irrespective of whether you live in Port Elizabeth or Polokwane, our network of medical laboratories are so extensive that you’re sure to find one just around the corner. Best of all, if you’re unable to visit a medical laboratory, we’ll send a medical nurse to your home – at no extra cost! How’s that for awesome service?

Keep these benefits in mind when you're comparing OUTsurance to other life insurance companies in South Africa. Surely, if they’re not able to match our prices and our benefits, they should not even be worth considering!

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