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  • Premiums guaranteed for 12 months
  • Low fixed excesses
  • Quick claims turnaround
  • Awesome service

Take your insurance with you - wherever you go

OUT-and-About (also known as 'all risk insurance') covers your personal possessions which you take out of the house; typically this includes clothing, jewellery, cell phones and photographic equipment. So, whether it's the things you wear and carry with you to work every day or when your luggage is packed for your holiday... we have you covered. Get an online insurance quote now!

Awesome OUT-and-About cover benefits

  • Your excess remains fixed, so no matter what happens - you always know what an incident will cost you.
  • You pay a much lower excess (from as little as R250).
  • Your premium is guaranteed for 12 months - whether you claim or not!
  • We know how much you would miss your valuable items in the event of a loss, therefore our claims team will process your claim faster than what you'd ever expect.
  • The really great part about OUT-and-About is that you'll also receive insurance cover for accidental loss or damage.
  • We cover your personal possessions worldwide!

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OUT-and-About Insurance ('all risk insurance') up for grabs!

  • OUT-and-About unspecified cover
    You might want to insure a whole list of items, without specifying each and every item. In this case, you'll be interested in unspecified cover. The maximum amount for all items is R85 000 and the maximum amount we'll pay OUT per item is R1 500.
  • OUT-and-About specified cover
    Should you want to insure individual items worth more than R1 500 - we suggest you take out specified cover. You can specify as much as R85 000 per item.

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