Let us be the first to congratulate you!

After many months of blood, sweat, tears and cut-throat negotiations with banks, attorneys and/or rental property agents; you’ve finally come out victorious, though penniless, emotionally drained and desperately failing to feel any sort of enthusiasm for actually moving house.

But – think of it this way: you’re now presented with the perfect opportunity to finally clear out the garage and donate old clothes, unwanted gifts and hand-me-down furniture to charity. Better still – you’ll finally get to say your last goodbyes to the “wannabe-tap-dancer guy” upstairs; the loud, late-night parties of the neighbours three doors down – and best of all, your drive to work will be much shorter, saving you almost 20 minutes in peak-hour traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you packing!

Your 3-step insurance checklist.

1. Remember to update your policy details

We’d love to know as soon as the new property has been transferred to your name. We’ll update your insurance policy to reflect the new risk address and we’ll also need to double check the level of security in your new home.

2. Double check the total replacement value of your contents

Seeing that you’ll be doing quite a bit of buying and selling of furniture and valuables, it’s best to double check that your household contents (i.e. all the moveable items inside your home) will still be insured for the correct replacement value.

Download this handy inventory table to determine the correct replacement value of your contents.

3. Get your buildings insurance sorted

Once the new property has transferred to your name, you will become the owner and the person responsible for any damage to the structure. So, even though you have not moved into the new property yet, you may want to get your buildings insurance sorted if you have not done so already.

Remember, you don’t have to choose the buildings insurer recommended by your bank.  Make sure to consider your options and to compare the various product offerings first.

Frequently asked questions
Will my household contents be insured against damage while it’s being transported?

At OUTsurance, we’ll cover the damage to your household contents whilst it’s being transported to your new home, but only if the vehicle transporting the goods is involved in a motor vehicle accident and this caused damage to the contents. We regret to say that if anything falls off the vehicle, gets damaged or scratched whilst being loaded or offloaded, you won’t be covered.

Keep in mind that if you want to cover your contents for theft during the move from one permanent address to the next, we’ll be happy to add this to your standard cover. All your goods will then be covered for theft for the duration of the move whilst packing, transporting, loading, unpacking, etc.

Will the moving company provide me with any compensation if any of my items get lost or damaged?

When you choose a moving company, we strongly suggest you that you opt for a company who can offer you some sort of compensation if any of your valuables gets lost or damaged accidentally. Also, make sure to ask them what the conditions of cover are.

Will my contents be covered when I put this in storage?

Yes, we will be able to provide cover. You will need to provide us with the details of the storage company and we’d also need to know what sort of security measurements this storage company has put in place to protect your items. Finally, we’d need to know whether your belongings are stored separately from other pieces of content (i.e. in a container with restricted access).