OUTsurance to support Sasria in processing riot claims

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19 July 2021
OUTsurance to assess, approve and pay out their clients' Sasria claims

Since the recent unrest began in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, OUTsurance has been in close contact with Sasria, the public enterprise that provides insurance cover for loss or damage to insured property caused by special risks such as politically motivated malicious acts, riots, strikes, terrorism and public disorders.

As a result, OUTsurance has made the necessary provisions to assess, approve and even pay out business and personal insurance claims up to a certain value on Sasria’s behalf. What’s more, OUTsurance has assured that these claims will not affect their clients’ OUTbonuses.

OUTsurance CEO, Danie Matthee, said, “We know how devastating the unrest has been. The very least we can do is help ensure the claims process for our clients is as streamlined as possible – and we’d like to thank Sasria for giving us the opportunity to do so.”

Those OUTsurance clients who have not yet submitted a claim can do so through any of the following ways:

  • By calling 08 600 70 000
  • Via the OUTsurance app or the MyOUTsurance client portal
  • By making contact with your dedicated OUTsurance Broker (where applicable)

Matthee continues, “Beyond our partnership with Sasria in the claims space, we look forward to helping out where we can to help rebuild SA. This is another moment in our history as a nation where we can come together and show the world what it really means to be South African. OUTsurance’s on-the-ground efforts are already underway and will be communicated soon.

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