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30 August 2018
The contract to provide pointsmen services to the City of Johannesburg will be extended for a further 6 month period.

Joint media statement issued on behalf of Traffic Freeflow and OUTsurance

Thursday, 30 August 2018 - Traffic Freeflow and OUTsurance are delighted at the news received via the Mayor Herman Mashaba’s office that the contract to provide pointsmen services to the City of Johannesburg will be extended for a further 6 month period, during which time a tender process will be finalised to cover the three-year period thereafter. Motorists will therefore enjoy uninterrupted service from the OUTsurance Pointsmen.


Traffic Freeflow, which initiated and runs the project and which employs the 186 pointsmen, is extremely pleased. “There is a huge sense of relief and excitement with our staff today. Their smiles are back. We are so grateful for the extension to further serve the public, keep the pointspeople employed and to keep Joburg’s traffic moving,” says Colleen Bekker, founder of Traffic Freeflow.

Danie Matthee, CEO of OUTsurance comments, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to be part of the pointsmen project for at least six more months. We remain committed to the project now and into the future. We understand and respect that a tender process will be initiated during this period and we look forward to putting our hat in the ring to continue sponsoring this successful program. We want to thank the City of Johannesburg, motorists and Mayor Mashaba in particular for their continued support.”

OUTsurance has remained the anchor sponsor of the pointsmen project since its inception thirteen years ago, and to date has invested over R190 million with a current contribution in excess of R20 million per year. Whilst OUTsurance has been the biggest sponsor from the beginning of the project, the success has attracted support from an additional 35 sponsors.  

Mobile pointsmen respond to critical hot spots via motorcycles where traffic signals are down or malfunctioning during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Static pointsmen report to the same location daily to assist with traffic congestion at assigned intersections.

For more information please contact:

Colleen Bekker, Founder, Traffic Freeflow – 011 448 2345 colleen@media3.co.za

Natasha Kawulesar, Head of Communications, OUTsurance kawulesarn@out.co.za

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