OUTsurance partners with Mangwanani, the original African Spa.

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22 October 2021

OUTsurance is proud to announce their partnership with Mangwanani African Spa, as part of the Lady@OUT offering.

Lady@OUT offers value-added benefits, exclusive to women, which will now include Mangwanani spa vouchers following valid vehicle theft, hijacking, accident, or burglary claims. This will ensure that women who have experienced traumatic events will be able to de-stress with the help of Mangwanani’s soothing spa treatments.

Mangwanani will give women the most OUT of their spa experiences

Mangwanani has been committed to creating true African spa experiences for almost 20 years.

Their world-class spas are nationwide, and each branch embodies the spirit of women empowerment. This makes them the perfect partner for OUTsurance’s Lady@OUT initiative.

Martin Kingsburgh, Head of Claims Procurement at OUTsurance, says, Mangwanani African Spa has always been committed to training and uplifting previously disadvantaged women, with 95% of their team coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. We’re proud and excited to partner with Mangwanani, knowing that there’s no team better equipped to help our female clients after traumatic events”.

Mangwanani CEO, Erin Limbert, adds, “We’re thrilled to partner with OUTsurance to offer their female clients healing relaxation in times of severe stress. One of Mangwanani’s primary focuses is to uplift women, so we are excited to pamper OUTsurance’s female clients with decadent therapies that offer total relaxation of body, mind and soul”.

Lady@OUT is available with car and home insurance policies and offers a host of other benefits, including handbag cover, Handyman cover, additional security after a break-in, medical, trauma and HIV care, legal assistance and more.

Click here to learn more about OUTsurance’s Lady@OUT, created especially for women.

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