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23 August 2018
City of Johannesburg terminates contract for the provision of pointsmen services.

Joint media statement issued on behalf of Traffic Freeflow and OUTsurance

Thursday, 23 August 2018 - Traffic Freeflow (Pty) Ltd (TFF)and OUTsurance are deeply disappointed to learn of the termination of TFF’s contract with the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) for the provision of pointsmen services to the City.

Colleen Bekker, the founder of Traffic Freeflow and the person who first approached the City with the proposal to supply privately sponsored traffic pointsmen commented “It’s a very sad day for me personally, all of the staff of Traffic Freeflow, our 36 sponsors and in particular the motorists of Johannesburg, who have come to depend on the stellar service the pointsmen have offered in getting them through sticky traffic every morning and afternoon for the past 13 years.”

OUTsurance has remained the anchor sponsor of the project since its inception, and to date has invested over R190 million for the provision of this free service in Johannesburg alone, with a current contribution in excess of R20 million per annum. The project currently employs 186 pointsmen who collectively service all JMPD jurisdictions including CBD, Fourways, Sandton, Randburg, Midrand and Soweto. All pointsmen are trained by the JMPD and serve as official Reserve Traffic Wardens.

Bheki Zondo, CEO of TFF, commented, “It is disappointing that the City of Johannesburg has decided  not to put a new contract out to tender at the expiration of our existing contract on 31 August 2018.  We only became aware that the contract would not be extended or put out for a new tender, at a rather late stage. TFF serves over 36 sponsors and has always been available to help the City with events or traffic situations when asked. The pointsmen project was dubbed as one of Joburg’s most successful Public Private Partnerships and we are extremely proud of all of the brave pointsmen and women who have delivered this hugely loved service. TFF has created over 180 value-adding jobs in Johannesburg, the vast majority of whom were previously unemployed youth from poor communities. Most of these jobs will unfortunately be lost.”

Danie Matthee, CEO of OUTsurance commented “As the founding sponsor of the pointsmen project, the announcement made by the City this morning has caught us all off guard. We were aware that the TFF contract was expiring at the end of this month and although we had given our written commitment for another 3 year term, we fully accept that it is the City’s prerogative not to continue availing itself of this free service.”

Bekker concluded, “We have no other option but to move on and deal with our disappointment. My deepest thanks go to every single member of staff at TFF who have made the project the huge success that it was in Johannesburg for the past 13 years, our sponsors and in particular OUTsurance for their unwavering support and funding but most importantly the motorists who contributed to the success of this project by recognizing and visibly displaying their appreciation for the help we were offering improving traffic flow.”

For more information please contact:

Colleen Bekker, Founder, Traffic Freeflow – 011 448 2345 colleen@media3.co.za

Natasha Kawulesar, Head of Communications, OUTsurance kawulesarn@out.co.za

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