Insurance for non-standard vehicle accessories

Have you specified all your non-standard vehicle accessories? Once listed, these items will be fully covered on your car insurance policy.
Pimped your ride?

So, not only did you buy a new car; you also had enough cash lying around to splurge on mags, boot spoilers, leather seats, tow bars, bull bars, extra dials, and a state-of-the-art sound system. And, because you’re a bit of a show-off – you also added go-faster stripes and impressive sounding exhaust system! Not too shabby! But, even if you’re the envy of the neighbourhood with your awesome car and your incredible collection of accessories – you still need proper insurance cover.

Let’s get you properly insured.

Did you know that if you have not specified these non-standard vehicle accessories, your insurance company wouldn’t be able to provide you with cover? Sure, we’ll be able to pay for the damages to your car, but if you want us to compensate you for any loss or damage to your vehicle accessories, you’d need to tell us so that we can add this to your cover.

Once you’ve specified these items, we’ll be more than happy to pick up the bill for any damages or loss suffered due to intentional damage, fire, acts of nature, accidental damage, or theft. Best of all, if you claim only on these specified (not factory fitted) vehicle accessories, you’d only need to pay the (much lower) fixed vehicle accessory excess. Remember, any accessories that were issued as standard with the vehicle type and model, are covered automatically.

Frequently asked questions

Will I pay extra if I specify non-standard fitted accessories?

Yes, because this is an additional cover – you’ll have to pay a small additional premium to enjoy cover.

Does my sound system also classify as a vehicle accessory?

No. Your sound system and speakers can be covered under our sound equipment cover.