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How to calculate the right car insurance for you

How do you know which car insurance company is best?

Are you looking for the perfect car insurance calculator? An ingenious online form where you’d only need to complete a few personal details, click on submit – and voila, within a few milliseconds, one or more car insurance quotes display on the screen? Be careful, as car insurance calculators may not be all that it’s made out to be. Although car insurance calculators can prove to be quite valuable in helping you save time and getting a quick overview of an insurance company’s offerings, how sure are you that you’re not looking at quotes for a cheap, second-rate product?

At least with OUTsurance, you can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that you’re comprehensively insured for any and all eventualities to include bumper bashings, acts of nature, theft, hijacking, hail damage, accidental damage and even intentional damage by someone else to your vehicle. Our clients love our great list of benefits, world-class service and –of course, our affordable insurance premiums! Let’s be honest. You don’t need a car insurance calculator to help you make up your mind. Sometimes all you need to do is to look at the cold, hard facts – without losing sight of the bigger picture. Get with the insurance company you can trust. Get a car insurance quote now!

Award-winning service.

Why not choose the insurance company that wins one award after the other: the Ombudsman Award for fast and fair handling of claims; the Orange Index Award for outstanding client service; and the Sunday Times Top Brand Award as favourite short-term insurance company in South Africa. OUTsurance walked away with top honours in each of these categories more than once. So, if it’s award-winning service you’re after, OUTsurance would be your best choice. Do you still need the car insurance calculator to choose on your behalf? Or will you stand on your own two feet and get an online quote from OUTsurance today?

Affordable monthly premiums.

Our sales advisors are passionate about giving you car insurance at a price that you’ll love. That’s why they ask you more questions and make fewer assumptions – all for a good cause: helping you to save money!

  • Fixed excess amounts
  • Guaranteed premiums, for 12 months at a time
  • A cash OUTbonus for remaining claim free
  • Access to our hand-picked list of service providers
  • Our Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance is at your service, 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

Let’s face it, the perfect car insurance calculator simply does not exist. That being said, we'll do our best to give you the best car insurance premium possible.

Awesome benefits.

At OUTsurance, you can get your car insurance, home insurance, business insurance and life insurance sorted with one click of a button. Complete our online quote form now and one of our sales advisors will call you back shortly. As an OUTsurance client, you can look forward to our awesome list of benefits, to include:

  • Free 24-hour Help@OUT emergency home and roadside assistance
  • Access to our hand-picked list of service providers
  • Expert advice and speedy claims settlement
  • Discounted rates at selected service providers

Still convinced that a car insurance calculator is the best way forward? Or will you invest in a brand that thousands of happy clients have come to know and trust?

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