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Gone are the days of sending faxes, getting documentation delivered via snail mail or trying to get hold of an actual, live person on the other end of the telephone line instead of a preset voice recording.

Nowadays, you can literally organise your whole world either by going online or by picking up your cell phone. You BBM your husband to ask him to pick up the kids at school, quickly update your Twitter status, do your online banking, whilst adding the final magic touch to the last slide of your board presentation due tomorrow morning.

Online insurance quotes are the way to go! Simply complete your details, click on submit – and one of our sales advisors will call you back within a few minutes. Click here to request your OUTsurance online insurance quote now.

Why would you want an online insurance quote from OUTsurance?

Because at OUTsurance, we’ll find any excuse to save you money. That’s why we’ll never make any assumptions about you or your insurance needs. Instead, we choose to ask you a few more questions to make sure we get you the best product at the best possible price.

At OUTsurance, you’ll never have to subsidise a bad-risk client. Instead, you'll pay an insurance premium that is structured around your unique risk profile.

We firmly believe in providing you with world-class products, awesome service, as well as a great list of benefits.

  • Guaranteed premiums
  • A cash OUTbonus
  • Your excess remains fixed, irrespective of the claim amount.
  • Help@OUT emergency home and roadside assistance (automatically included with our contents and car insurance products)

We’re also very proud to have won our fair share of awards for client service, fast and efficient handling of claims, and we’ve also been voted favourite short-term insurance brand in South Africa quite a few times already.

We’d love to assist you with an online insurance quote for your car, home, business and also your life. Put OUTsurance to the test.

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