Home Maintenance Services

Thanks to our Home Maintenance Service, you’ll be able to access an array of qualified, professional service providers. Whether you need your roof repaired, your drains unblocked, help is just a couple of clicks away.

Frequently asked questions
What types of services can I access as part of the Home Maintenance Service?

You’ll have access to:

  • Access control, home automation, and security services
  • Appliance, TV and Satellite repairs
  • Building, electrical and plumbing services
  • Garden services, pest control, and refuse services
  • Locksmiths
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi and borehole repairs
Which areas does this service cover?

Our Home Maintenance Services are available nationwide.

Is this service covered by my insurance?

Home maintenance is not an insurable event, so you’ll be required to pay your chosen service provider directly.

What does my Home Maintenance Service payment cover?

You’ll get a quote from the service provider upfront, which will include the cost of the first hour of labour. Depending on the job at hand, the service provider may include other costs in the initial quote as well.

Once the service provider sees the job-at-hand in person, they may see that additional work is required. If you’re happy with the job continuing, a revised quote will be provided on our app or the client portal on our website.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the services I receive?

After your home maintenance job is complete, we’ll ask you to rate the services you received. Payment is only released to the service provider once we know you’re satisfied with the service (based on the service rating of 3 and above).

If you give an unsatisfactory service rating (ratings of 1 or 2), we will contact you directly to help resolve any issues you might have.  Only once an issue has been resolved will payment be released.

Who should I contact for all service queries?

You can contact our third-party provider on 0861 944 996.