What to do right after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can be one of the most shocking, stressful and financially strenuous events to happen to anyone. A lot goes on in your mind after the moment of impact: you worry about how you’re going to get the vehicle out of the way, the claims process with your car insurance provider, and so much more.

Here are some quick tips we’d like you to remember if you’re ever involved in a car accident. They’re as simple as stop, check, record and contact.


1. Stop

If you’re in a car accident, the first point of action is to stop. Do not continue with your journey. Try move the vehicle out of the road if possible and if it’s safe to do so. Switch on the car’s hazards and place safety triangles in the road to avoid further collisions.


2. Check

Check to see if you or anyone else involved might need medical assistance. Never move an injured person. Remember to stay on the scene, especially if someone is injured.

You can always make use of the Panic Assistance feature on the OUTsurance app for immediate emergency medical assistance. Register today so that you’re always prepared. 


3. Record

Once everyone is safe, it’s important to take record of the accident. Get the contact details of anyone else involved and, if possible, include the details of witnesses.

Make sure to take down the vehicle registration information of other vehicles involved in the car incident.

Take photos and capture any pertinent information about the accident.


4. Contact

Should your vehicle be undrivable, get in touch with Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance to have your car towed. Get help easily on the OUTsurance app.

Please report the accident to the police, it is important to get a case number for your records and car insurance.

Contact us on our app or client portal should you wish to submit a claim.

We've made claiming easy

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