Who is the regular driver?

The regular driver is the person who drives the insured vehicle most often in any given monthly period.

Most importantly, why do we need to know this?

We need to know who this is as we base the insurance premium on this person’s risk profile. We look at various aspects which include the driver’s age, driving history and driving ability. Obviously, if we don’t have the correct information, chances are that you’ll be paying the incorrect premium.

Case in point, if your 18-year old son drives the insured car most of the time, but we’re told that you’re the regular driver, we’ll be charging a premium based on your profile (i.e. an older, more experienced driver) and not that of the actual driver who is less experienced and younger. So, in fact – you’ll be paying significantly less for insurance every month. But, because you supplied us with incorrect information regarding the regular driver and paid the incorrect premium, chances are that the vehicle is insured incorrectly and that any claims may be rejected due to premium prejudice.

The bottom line?

It’s always best to make sure that your policy reflects the correct information so that there’s no confusion or unnecessary delays during claims stage.

And, if you’re not sure who the regular driver is, don’t stress. Simply give us a quick call on 08 600 70 000 and we’ll discuss your specific case in more detail.

Frequently asked questions
Do I need to list the names of everyone who’ll be driving the vehicle?

No. We only need to know the name of the regular driver.

If someone other than the regular driver drives the vehicle and gets into an accident, is there an additional excess?

No. Only if the incident driver is younger than 24 years, will we apply an additional excess. Obviously, if the regular driver is also under 24 years of age, the regular driver will just pay his usual excess, as always. Please refer to your OUTsurance schedule for more information on excess payments.

Can someone who only has a learner’s licence ever be noted as the regular driver?

Yes. The learner driver would just need to keep his/her valid learner’s licence at hand and will need to be accompanied by someone with a valid driver’s licence when driving. We’ll calculate the car insurance premium based on the learner driver’s risk profile.