Motorcycle insurance

Comprehensive motorcycle cover takes care of all eventualities. Getting your motorbike insurance with OUTsurance also includes benefits such as a fixed excess and a cash OUTbonus.
Why you can’t do without comprehensive motorcycle insurance?

Your friends know you as 'Steve', your mom still refers to you as 'Sweetie', but when you’re on your bike, you become 'Viking Dave' - the proverbial king of the road. With the wind through your hair and your feet steady on the foot pegs, you’re practically invincible. Or are you?

Let’s be honest – even you need to have comprehensive motorcycle insurance in place. These days even minor damage to your bike will cost you an arm and a leg to fix. Also, if worse comes to worst and your bike is written off, chances are that you won’t be able to scrape enough cash together to even look at buying a replacement bike.

At OUTsurance, we understand that what you really need is comprehensive motorcycle insurance that will leave your motorcycle insured for basically anything under the sun.

For motorcycle insurance that will fit your very specific insurance needs and your budget, give OUTsurance a call on 08 600 60 000.

At OUTsurance, you’ll be insured no matter what.

We really mean business when we say that our motorcycle insurance package takes care of all eventualities. You’ll be insured in case of:

  • accidental damage
  • write-offs
  • any act of intentional damage to your motorcycle
  • theft
  • fire damage
  • damage caused by acts of nature.

We’ll even provide you with cover in cases where you can be held legally responsible for causing injury to someone else or to their property.

For comprehensive motorcycle insurance, don’t look any further.

Call OUTsurance now on 08 600 60 000.

We can’t wait to spoil you with awesome benefits!

Another great advantage of getting your motorcycle insurance sorted with OUTsurance is that you’ll automatically get access to our list of standard benefits, which include

  • Affordable premiums, guaranteed for 12 months
  • A fixed excess amount, no matter how big your claim
  • A cash OUTbonus (10% of your premiums back in cash if you don’t claim)
  • Additional savings simply because you deal directly with us
  • Fast and fair claims settlement
  • Access to our handpicked list of service providers
  • Free Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance

If you have a motorcycle, you definitely need to have it insured. We’d love the opportunity to quote you. You’ve got nothing to lose right?

If you don't want motorcycle insurance let us save you money on your car insuranceGet a quote now!