Intentional damage to your vehicle

What if someone scratched your car on purpose?

If someone maliciously and deliberately damaged your car; let us be the first to sympathise. Sadly enough, many people will need to submit claims because of other people intentionally causing damage to their vehicle, either by scratching the paint with a sharp object, damaging the wing mirrors, slashing the tyres or even smashing the windows or the tail lights.

At least at OUTsurance, we’ll cover this damage as standard as part of our comprehensive cover (on condition that the damage was caused by someone else without your consent).

Report the incident as soon as possible.

First off, make sure you report the incident to the police in 24 hours to get a case number. We’ll need to have your vehicle assessed to determine the extent of the damages and it’s then up to you to decide whether or not you want to submit a claim.

Of course, if the damage to your vehicle is less than your vehicle excess – you may want to pay for the damages yourself. Alternatively, you can submit a claim in which case we’ll be happy to manage the entire repairs process from beginning to end. We’ll work closely with one of our approved service providers to make sure your car is restored to its former glory in no time!

Take steps to prevent further damage.

It’s very important that you take all the necessary steps to prevent any further damage to your vehicle after it was vandalised. For example, if someone smashed your car window, you may want to fix some sort of plastic covering to the window so that at least no one will be able to put their hand through the broken window and steal your car radio.

Frequently asked questions
Will I lose my OUTbonus even if the damage was caused by someone else?

Yes. Once your claim has been settled, you will forfeit your OUTbonus payout.