Add car hire to your car insurance policy

Our optional car hire product is something you'd want to add to your standard car insurance package. You'll get access to a courtesy car if yours is stolen or damaged.

A car, the one thing you really don’t want to be without.

If only you had a car, you’d be able to go to the shops, meet a friend for drinks, pop out for a quick lunch, and leave the office a bit earlier… But, alas – you’re at the mercy of the nosy, cat-obsessed lady in accounts: the one and only person at the office who actually lives close enough to be able to give you a lift to work and back home again, every day. Sure, you know you should be thankful, but next time – you’d do it all differently.

If nothing else, you’d make sure to add car hire to your car insurance cover.

Let’s get you back on the road again.

At OUTsurance, a small additional premium will get you access to a rental car following a claimable accident and also in case you’ve been a victim of theft or hijacking. If your car is not driveable, we’ll make sure you’re provided with a rental vehicle the moment you submit your claim. However, if your car is still driveable, we’ll get you sorted with a rental car as soon as your vehicle is sent for repairs.

Together with Avis, we’ve put together some great car rental options for you to choose from. Your premium will be based on the car hire group you select.

  • Group A – This is your cheapest option and provides you with a 4 or 5-door hatchback or similar vehicle. Unfortunately, you’ll have no power steering, air conditioning or radio/CD.
  • Group B – You’ll drive a 5-door vehicle with power steering, air conditioning, and radio/CD.
  • Group D – If you’re unable to drive a manual vehicle, this option is just perfect. If needs be, this vehicle can be equipped with the necessary hand controls for disabled persons.
  • Group F & G – This is the crème de la crème of rental vehicles. You’ll drive a luxury 5-door automatic vehicle with power steering, air conditioning, and radio/CD.
  • Group N (Minibus) – You’ll be driving an 8-seater rental with power steering, air conditioning, and radio/CD.
  • LDV – You’ll be provided with a bakkie with/without a canopy.

Keep in mind that if you’ve selected a car hire option for a specific group, you cannot upgrade to another group at claims stage. Your upgrade will only be applied to any future incidents.

What you need to know:

You can use the hired vehicle for a maximum of 30 days per claim. If your car insurance claim is settled before this time, you will need to return the vehicle.

  • When you receive your Avis vehicle, you’ll need to pay Avis a refundable security deposit. This is to ensure that the vehicle is returned with a full tank of petrol and to cover any minor dents or scratches.
  • You’ll need to pay a collection/delivery fee if the address of delivery is further than 50km from the closest Avis branch.
  • If anything happens to the Avis vehicle (i.e. accident/theft), you will be liable to pay the Avis excess (this varies according to the type or group vehicle that you selected).
  • You may be liable to pay for high mileage usage on a certain car hire group.
  • If you’re disabled, we can arrange with Avis to fit hand controls to any of the automatic vehicles in their fleet. They will, however, require a 72-hour lead time to do this.

Sounds good? Let’s get you sorted as soon as possible!

P.S. We are prepared to pay anybody R400 cash if we are unable to beat his/her current car insurance premium when quoted on a like-for-like basis.