Finally, a designated driver at your disposal - at all hours of the night!


OUTsurance partnered with Good Fellas and put together an innovative optional product to add to your current car insurance package. Buddy@OUT provides you with a great option to get home safely after you had a few drinks and would rather be escorted home to ensure your safety and that of others. We are one of the few car insurance companies in South Africa that offer a service such as this - taking the lead against driving under the influence of alcohol.

One phone call gets you home safely.

After signing up for membership through OUTsurance, it only takes one phone call to Good Fellas (0861 433 552) to arrange your designated driver. Your Buddy@OUT driver will pick you up and chauffeur you home safely in your own car. He then waves you goodbye and is collected by a fellow Good Fellas staff member.

A mobile satellite tracking system tracks the Good Fellas driver for the duration of his shift which means that Good Fellas can provide accurate timings and excellent security benefits.

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Enjoy yourself, responsibly.

Your monthly subscription fee is only R20 - that's a whopping 70% discount off the usual contract price, just because you're an OUTsurance client.

If you make use of the Buddy@OUT service, you will be charged the standard Good Fellas rate per kilometer, with a minimum trip charge equivalent to 15 kilometers. We also realise that the last thing you want to worry about is having to pay on the spot, so the trip charge can be collected from your account or simply charged to your credit card by Good Fellas.

The Buddy@OUT service is currently available in and around Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth.

We are also concerned about your friends' safety and can drop them off along the way - you will be charged for the round trip.

If you have been looking for an alternative to drinking and driving and would like to do the responsible thing, get Buddy@OUT.

Download the Buddy@OUT brochure.