Business insurance for contractors

Specialised insurance for your business

At OUTsurance, we understand that every business is different. What may be important to you, may not even feature on someone else’s list of priorities. We get this. In fact, that’s why we’ve designed a wide range of business insurance products – each one specifically designed to cater for a unique set of challenges and risks.

Our specialised insurance cover for contractors presents you with a tailored, affordable insurance solution for your unique circumstances. We can assist you with an ultra-comprehensive package to ensure that your business will be covered, no matter what. Or, we can also assist you with standalone cover based on your specific needs.

Product details

Public liability

As a contractor, public liability cover may be one of your major concerns. If you’re contracted to install an oven at a client’s home and you damage the client’s kitchen cupboards in the process, you may be held liable for damages. Also, as a plumbing contractor, you may neglect to fasten a water pipe which may very well result in a liability claim after the leaking geyser caused damage to the client’s carpets and ceilings.

  • Our standard public liability cover will have you covered at your risk address and also in cases where you’re working away from your risk address, typically on a contract site.
  • Defective workmanship covers your business in the event of damage or bodily injury arising from any defect, omission, or error in your work after completion or handover.
  • We offer custody and control cover as part of our range of optional covers to make sure that damage to other people’s property (in your custody and control) are covered.
  • Defective products cover means that we’ll cover you for any liability arising out of goods supplied or sold in connection with your business.

As part of our bonus benefits, we’ll make sure you’re covered against any liability claims associated with injuries after you administered first aid treatment.


If you perform the majority of your work away from your risk address, you’ll probably need to take tool sets and other pieces of expensive equipment with you to the client’s address. Our OUT-of-the-Office insurance product allows you to cover these items under our tool set option (if no one item exceeds R3000 in value). Alternatively, you can cover expensive equipment like hammer drills under the specified section of this product. Even items such as portable toilets, sheds, scaffolding and cranes can be covered under the OUT-of-the-office section.

Stock and stock-in-transit

Our stock and stock-in-transit insurance option will cover stock kept at your risk address as well as stock that’s being transported. Materials designed to exist or operate in the open (i.e. not inside a building) can be covered under our 'stock outside' section against theft and damage at your risk address.


We can provide you with cover for any money you keep at your premises as well as for money-in-transit.


Even if most of your work is conducted away from your premises, you may still need to insure your office contents and maybe even workshop machinery kept at your premises.

If you’ve insured your office contents with us, you automatically qualify for the following bonus benefits:

  • Replacing your keys and locks after a burglary
  • Refilling any fire extinguishers (once dispensed)
  • Covering the cost for an ambulance after a staff member needed emergency assistance following an incident at your premises or on a contract site
  • Covering your staff and client’s belongings following an armed robbery
  • Offering compensation for death to permanent employees in a fire or theft incident.

Machinery breakdown

We realise that where machinery are used on a daily basis, mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown may be a common occurrence. Contractors often have machinery continuously working at their risk address or out on contract sites which may cause the mechanical components to fail. Our machinery breakdown will cover the costs to have this repaired.

Electronic equipment

Our electronic equipment cover section will cover anything from pieces of electronic office equipment or specialised electronic testing and calibration equipment at your risk address.

Business interruption

Our business interruption cover will insure your business against financial loss after a valid claim. You can cover your fixed expenses, loss of operating profit as well as the cost for your professional body subscription fees. As part of our bonus benefits, we will cover the loss of your income and even the cost of you having to appear in court after receiving a summons.


We can cover a full range of vehicles, ranging from light delivery vehicles to trucks and even mechanically propelled plant such as backhoes or excavators. You can also specify your custom accessories and tools of trade fitted to your vehicle. Our optional cover for vehicle loss of use will cover you for the financial loss following a vehicle incident for which you can claim.

Product benefits

  • You’ll always pay a low, fixed excess - irrespective of the value or nature of your claim.
  • Your premium is guaranteed for 12 months
  • You’ll receive 10% of your paid premiums back in cash after three claim-free years (i.e. the OUTbonus)
  • If the time comes to claim, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that we’ll do our best to process your claim in record time to get you back to doing business as usual.
  • You’ll have access to our emergency Help@OUT office and roadside assistance service, 24/7 (please refer to the Help@OUT brochure for detailed information).