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Our favourite business motor insurance benefits

Our team of business insurance experts put in a lot of time and effort to design a motor product which will cover you for as many eventualities as possible. Whether you require comprehensive motor insurance or third party only cover, we provide it all. You can also add optional benefits to your motor cover to cater for your specific needs. Some of our favourite optional benefits include car hire and OUT-in-Africa, for when you are travelling outside South African borders. Other benefits include: 

Loss of keys

With our additional loss of keys cover there is no need to stress about the cost of replacing lost or damaged locks and keys. This cover is specifically designed to assist you when you need to replace your car’s locks and keys or the remote alarm controller or even if you need to reprogram your car’s coded alarm system.


If you have the urge to lock up and hit the open road we have the perfect cover for you – even when you are travelling outside the South African borders. Add our optional OUT-in-Africa cover today and enjoy peace of mind whilst exploring the beauty of even more countries in Africa.

Car hire

Don’t be stranded if your car has been damaged in an accident and needs to be sent to a panel beater. Add car hire to your cover and receive a rental vehicle for a maximum period of 30 days. If your car has been written off, stolen or hijacked, you will be provided with a rental car until your claim is paid out.

Medical expenses

Should an accident occur with your loved ones in the car, medical expenses will provide you with additional cover up to a certain specified amount. Medical expenses covers the medical costs for injuries sustained by the passengers inside your car in the event of an accident. This cover includes taking the passengers to the nearest medical facility. 

Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance

As a business insurance client, you automatically have access to Help@OUT – our free roadside emergency assistance service. Remember, if you’re ever stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre, a flat battery, or even if you’ve just run out of fuel, give us a call – we’re ready to assist. 

Motor, motorcycle and fleet

Motor, motorcycle and fleet

We’ll cover your vehicle, including motorcycles, trailers and caravans, and its accessories and spare parts against loss or damage following an incident.  In addition, if your vehicle has been damaged to such an extent that it’s considered to be ‘not driveable’, OUTsurance will also pick up the bill for securing and taking the vehicle to the nearest repairers. 

Motor traders (internal)

Motor traders (internal)

Motor traders internal provides cover against accidental damage to a customer’s vehicle while you or an employee drives it on your business premises. This cover is perfect for instances where one of your employees need to drive your customer’s vehicle from the parking bay to the actual washing area at your car wash or when your Sales Manager drives a brand-new car to the show room at your dealership.  

Motor traders (external)

Motor traders (external)

Motor traders external covers loss or damage to a vehicle where the incident happens away from the business premises. If you need cover for when your technician takes your customer’s vehicle for a test drive after replacing the brakes, motor traders external cover provides the perfect solution.  



Watercraft refers to any motorboats, ski boats and wet bikes (such as Jet Ski’s) which will be used to travel on water, or for activities taking place on the water. The motor engines and equipment such as GPS devices and life jackets can be included, but will have to be specified.


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