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Motor Body Repairers

Are you a structural Motor Body Repairer? Apply here to join our network of OUTsurance-Approved MBRs.

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You can find the Motor Body Repairer technical requirements here.

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Towing Services

If you have a Towing company, you will soon be able to apply online to join our network of OUTsurance-Approved Towing Service Providers.

Frequently asked questions
How do I apply to become an OUTsurance Motor Body Repairer or Buildings & Related Contractor?

To become an OUTsurance Motor Body Repairer or Buildings & Related Contractor, you need to complete an electronic Technical Self-Assessment. Once completed, our system will automatically capture your responses and compare your submission to our OUTsurance Service Provider Technical Requirements. We will notify you of the outcome of your self-assessment via e-mail.

  • Find the Motor Body Repairer Technical Self-Assessment here
  • Find the Buildings & Related Contractor Technical Self-Assessment here
What happens once I have applied?

After we receive your application, we compare your service offering to that offered by members currently in our network and other applicants we have received that service your geographic area. If all the following are applicable with respect to your application, you will be prompted to submit supporting documents via an email response:

  • There is a need to add a service provider in the geographic area you service in order to meet the demand as a result of sufficient claims volumes.
  • On balance, your application is superior to any competing application or incumbent whose SLA is coming to its natural end. Metrics used to evaluate your application include:
    • Previous service performance data
    • Commercial terms
    • B-BBEE status
  • According to your OUTsurance Technical Self-Assessment, you are fully compliant.

Otherwise, we will inform you that your application has been unsuccessful, outlining the specific reasons for such and what needs to be remedied as well as when you should re-apply.

Where do I find my application reference number?

Your application reference number will be in the subject line of all correspondence we send subsequent to your initial application. Please use this reference number when querying your application status.

What documentation should I prepare if I am prompted to submit supporting documents?

We require the following company documentation in PDF format:

  • Company profile
  • Proof of address
  • Bank account confirmation
  • Copy of director’s ID
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Workman's Compensation/RMA (Rand Mutual Assurance) number
  • CIPC/Company registration document
  • Tax clearance certificate/deferred payment agreement with SARS
  • B-BBEE certificate/affidavit

Documents specific to Motor Body Repairers:

Proof of:

  • Motor trader’s internal insurance policy
  • Motor trader’s external insurance policy
  • Motor trader’s 3rd party insurance policy
  • Product liability insurance policy
  • Public liability insurance policy

MIBCO documentation:

  • Letter of good standing
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of exemption or proof of confirmation of application
  • MIBCO Registration number

In line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), please ensure your documentation does not contain any personal information relating to directors or employees. For a list of information that is considered personal, please review the Act, which can be accessed here

How often does OUTsurance review whether there is a need for services in a geographic area?

Our SLAs are 12 months in duration. Each month, SLAs up for review are done so by comparing the performance of incumbent SPs with the value on offer by applicants on our database. Furthermore, we manage performance on a monthly basis. As a result, each month subsequent to your application, presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your proposal considering up-to-date performance metrics of our incumbents.

Where can I find the latest OUTsurance Technical Self-Assessment electronic form?

Motor Body Repairers Technical Self-Assessment form: Click here 

Buildings & Related Contractors Technical Self-Asessment form: Click here 

How soon will I get feedback on my application?

We endeavor to give you feedback as soon as possible. Generally, any application received in a given month, will be processed by the end of the following month.

Where can I query my application status?

You can follow-up on your application via

I have submitted my supporting documentation, what happens next?

Your supporting documents will be validated. Should all your supporting documents pass our validation, you will receive notification that your application is successful, and we will send you a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which needs to be signed and returned. We will also appoint a supplier relationship manager (SRM) on your behalf. Your SRM will be in contact with you and will take you through our on-boarding and induction process to prepare you to receive your first claim.

How often should I reapply?

You are welcome to apply every 12 months. Given, our monthly review process described above, it is likely though that we will contact you before then.