Welcome to Kwande

Kwande is the OUTsurance Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programme, established in April 2019, with a goal to grow and develop South Africa’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These businesses include OUTsurance service providers and enterprises that provide services and products aligned to OUTsurance’s value-chain, such as panel beaters, towing businesses, builders, plumbers, electricians and other artisans.

Empowering small business and beyond

Kwande (derived from the isiZulu word 'makwande', which means 'to multiply') provides SMEs with access to skills, markets and funding opportunities. The aim is not just to grow small businesses in the OUTsurance value chain, but to uplift the communities in in which they operate. 

Training & Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship, boot camps, and specialist intervention support. 

Access to markets

Access to opportunities within our supply chain.

Business development

Enabling SMEs with operational tools for business support


Loan and grant funding disbursed to help SMEs with various OPEX and CAPEX needs.

Kwande objectives

Kwande partnered with 28 businesses, split between two cohorts, with programmes structured in 18 to 24 month development cycles, depending on the life stages of the businesses.

Selected businesses had the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Non-financial support in the form of mentorship and specialist intervention.
  • Financial support in the form of grants and loans facilitated by the ASISA ESD Fund (of which OUTsurance is a contributor, through the Kwande programme). 

The success of the programme was determined by a business’s ability to achieve increased turnover, acquire additional clients and improve CSI scores.

1. Empowering value-chain aligned SMEs through customized business development support.
  • Building entrepreneurial capacity
  • Enhancing growth in turnover
  • Enabling job creation
3. Enabling value-chain aligned SMEs to access seed and growth funding.
  • Providing grant funding to SMEs requiring seed funding
  • Providing loan funding to SMEs requiring growth funding
2. Shifting procurement spend to value-chain aligned SMEs based on their capacity, development and performance.
  • Reducing complaints ratio and improving customer service index (CSI) scores
  • Enabling shift in procurement spend for programme SMEs
Kwande Programme OUTcomes

(as at Jan 2021)

Kwande Programme OUTcomes

(as at Jan 2021)

TCJ Autobody

Zareena Jacobs shares how the Kwande Programme has assisted in growing her Motor Body Repair business. 

Mukololo Road Assist

We caught up with Prince Mafuzwaini to discuss how his Towing business has benefitted since joining the programme.