Life insurance

  • 100% OUTbonus
  • Death, disability and critical illness covers
  • Free funeral benefit
  • Terminal illness benefit
  • No waiting periods

The OUTsurance Life Insurance Revolution Campaign

When we started talking about offering our life insurance clients all their money back for remaining claim free, we knew that it was going to be a big feature. We felt that it was a change that could potentially shake up the life insurance market in the same way that our OUTbonus did with the personal insurance market over 15 years ago.

Naturally, we knew that such a big idea needed a big ad campaign. We needed to create an ad that people would not only love, but that they could instinctively relate to. Something that they would notice and feel inspired by. We also knew that our ad, which was in the making at the time, had to have an awesome song with a distinct, original South African sound that would instantly capture the hearts and imagination of our audience.

So, we approached Mark Haze and Theo Crous to produce the track that would make our visuals really come to life. Mark is a proudly South African musician and previous M-Net Idols finalist, who we felt had a distinctively different look and feel to the rest of the artists out there. Theo has a tremendous amount of experience in working with SA’s top artists and brands, and we knew that the two of them together would produce the right song.

The brief was simple. The message is about change. It’s about how we as South Africans have an inherent need to move forward and to find better, more innovative ways of doing things. It’s about an industry that is ripe for change, and about how consumers need to be given their fair slice. Peter Cronje, Head of Marketing for OUTsurance says 'Mark and Theo have produced an awesome track that compliments the visuals perfectly. Mark’s got a very different look and feel to the other guys out there and so will our new life insurance products. There’s never been a better time for change than now.'

And that’s what we wanted more than anything else: to remind the South African audience that OUTsurance will always be at the forefront of change: constantly evolving, forever improving and always looking for better ways of ensuing that our clients, and South Africa 'Always Gets Something out'.