Specialised insurance for optometrists and chemists

Finally, a product that’s been designed around your specific business

This specialised business insurance product has been designed specifically for Optometrists and Chemists and allows you to cover stock such as prescription eyeglasses, frames, sunglasses and contact lenses on your premises and when in transit. The same goes for any pharmaceutical stock such as drugs and medication.

On top of this, you can cover your point of sale systems, computers and monitors under our Contents and Electronic Equipment section; you can cover money held at your premises; and items you take outside or use outside of the office, such as your laptop or cellphone.

Contents cover

Our contents product will have all the moveable business items within your office covered against damage caused by fire, malicious damage, power surges, dips, impact, or acts of nature. In addition, you’ll also receive the following bonus benefits absolutely free of charge:

  • replacement of locks or keys after a burglary;
  • cost of an ambulance for emergency assistance;
  • cost of replacing fire extinguishing equipment after a fire;
  • hole-in-one or “full house” cover;
  • compensation for the death of an employee following a fire at your premises;
  • loss of any of your staff or clients’ personal possessions.

Stock cover

Let’s help you put comprehensive cover in place to cover stock kept at your premises against loss or damage. If you want, you can indicate the percentage seasonal increase in your stock levels during your busier months, thereby saving you the trouble of adjusting your insured amounts throughout the year.

If needs be, we can also help you to put additional cover in place to protect these items against accidental damage and theft inside and outside the building.


Our optional Shoplifting cover which have your business covered for instances of shoplifting during normal business hours.

Full theft cover

Where most insurance companies only offer limited theft cover, OUTsurance can supply you with either full or limited theft cover for your contents or stock.

Money cover

We can assist you with cover for money kept on your premises during normal business hours, after hours and even when in transit.

At no additional cost, we’ll increase the amount of cover with 15% during December when most businesses are likely to experience a higher turnover.

Business interruption

This product is perfect to cover any financial losses you may suffer after the interruption of your business. If you specify your annual professional body subscription fees or any franchise royalty fees as part of your fixed expenses, we’ll be happy to cover these as well.

At no extra cost, we’ll gladly pay for the cost of advertising materials such as pamphlets or brochures to help you get your business up and running again in no time.

If needs be, we can also help you extend your cover to include interruption caused by accidental damage or theft incidents.

Why OUTsurance is awesome

  • You’ll always pay a fixed excess, irrespective of just how big your claim might be.
  • Your premium is guaranteed for 12 months, even if you submit a claim.
  • You have access to free Help@OUT office emergency assistance, 24/7. If you’ve taken out business insurance for your company car, you receive free Help@OUT emergency roadside assistance.
  • We’ll process your claim as quickly as possible to get you back to doing business as usual in no time.

Get even more OUT

This product allows you to add even more cover options to better suit your individual business needs:

  • Our buildings product allows you to cover the complete building or only the permanent fixtures and fittings, including glass to your shop front windows.
  • Protect your employees with Personal Accident cover.
  • Protect your business with Employers Liability cover in case you’re liable to pay damages to any employee.
  • Cover both your personal and your business vehicles under the same product.
  • Protect the business’ insured property against theft by employees by adding Employee Dishonesty cover.