Business insurance for beauty salons, hairdressers and barber shops

Specialised business insurance

If you own a hair salon, beauty salon or a barbershop – you’ll be really pleased to know that we’ve put together a specialised business insurance product to cover your business against all the risks typically associated with your industry. It goes without saying that you’ll be able to cover your contents items separately from your fixtures and fittings; that you can insure all your electronic equipment; cover your retail and display stock at your premises; insure defective products sold or supplied; and that you’ll also be able protect your business against financial loss when your business is interrupted.

Product details

Public liability and professional indemnity

  • Our standard public liability option will take care of any liability claims caused by slips and falls by clients on your premises.
  • In addition, we offer professional indemnity cover that will provide cover whenever you can be held legally liable following professional treatment or advice to a client.
  • Defective products cover will protect you against goods supplied or sold in connection with your business that causes loss or damage to someone else.
  • As a bonus benefit, we’ll also cover you against liability associated with injuries after you or any of your employees administered first aid treatment.

OUT-of-the-office cover

OUT-of-the-office takes care of any loss or damage to items that you’d usually use or take outside the office. In your case, this may include instances where you’d be working at functions, weddings or when you do the occasional home visit. It even takes care of any loss or damage to stock samples when you attend a trade show.

Buildings cover

If you’re renting the business premises, your lease agreement will probably stipulate that you’ll be held responsible for any damage to the landlord’s fixtures and fittings. Since you’re using hot water for washing and setting on a frequent basis, you’d definitely want to make sure you’re properly covered against damage caused by a burst geyser. At OUTsurance, we’ll gladly assist you to make sure you’re properly covered for any damage to the structure of the building as well as any fixtures or fittings – including the geyser. As a bonus benefit, we’ll also provide cover (at no extra cost) in case the garden gets damaged.

Fixed glass - including mirrors

Our buildings section makes provision for any accidental and malicious damage to fixed glass, mirrors and sanitary ware. We believe that this cover option will prove especially useful in your type of industry where glass shop fittings are prone to accidental damage. This option also covers sign writing on the insured glass and mirrors.

Contents cover

Styling implements and moveable furniture play an integral part in the functioning of barber shops, beauty salons and hairdressers. Contents cover takes care of any loss or damage to moveable items that remain at the risk address. If you’d like, we can also cover these items against accidental damage.

At no extra charge, you’ll automatically receive the following bonus benefits:

  • we’ll replace your locks and keys after a burglary;
  • we’ll cover the cost of refilling your fire extinguishers once dispensed;
  • we’ll pay for the cost to reinstate advertising signs after an incident; and
  • we’ll cover the cost of an ambulance if a member of staff or a client needs emergency assistance following an incident at your premises.
  • We’ll also cover your clients’ and your staff’s personal belongings in the event of an armed robbery and
  • we’ll compensate you in case of death of any of your permanent employees in a fire or incident of theft.

Electronic equipment cover

OUTsurance will cover all your electronic equipment (e.g. point of sale systems, computers, audio visual equipment or other expensive, specialised electronic items) against accidental damage. So, even if a client accidently damages the electrolysis machine by knocking this off the massage bed – or if a member of staff drops the credit card machine off the counter while performing a transaction – you’ll be covered.

Machinery breakdown

Due to the fact that you’re using machinery such as hooded hair dryers, hydraulic barber chairs, or sunbeds on a daily basis, chances are that the mechanical components will need to get replaced or repaired quite often. OUTsurance will gladly help you put cover in place to ensure that you’ll be covered in case any of these fail to work properly because of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown.

Business interruption

Our business interruption product covers the financial loss that you may suffer due to the interruption of your business. We also offer optional theft cover where you’ll be covered in case any machine or electronic equipment item is stolen. Without charging you one cent extra, we’ll even assist with the cost of advertising material (e.g. pamphlets) to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

Why OUT is better than IN

  • We offer you standalone cover – this means that you’ll be able to insure items on a standalone basis. This is perfect if you only want to insure a financed electronic item for which the bank requires insurance.
  • Your excess amount remains fixed.
  • Your business insurance premium is guaranteed for 12 months
  • We’ll process your business claim as quickly as possible to get you back to business in no time.
  • You receive a cash OUTbonus after three claim-free years.
  • Depending on whether you have contents insurance or vehicle insurance in place, we’ll provide you with Help@OUT emergency office or roadside assistance, 24-hours a day – absolutely free of charge.