Insurance for the retail industry

Product details

This specially designed product will provide you with cover for all of the following: 

You’ll often find that insurance companies refuse to cover instances of shoplifting, even if you choose the theft cover option. This may be because they require visible entries of forced or violent exit or entry to the building. At Business OUTsurance, we’ve specifically made provision for shoplifting under the “stock” section of our product which means that once you’ve added this to your cover, you’ll automatically be insured for shoplifting during normal business operating hours. 

Stock cover
We’ll cover all the raw materials, finished goods and other goods for which you’re responsible and belongs to other parties.

  • On top of your standard stock cover, you can also choose to cover your stock against theft and accidental damage.
  • If you want, you can indicate the percentage seasonal increase in the stock levels of your business during busier months and then you won’t need to worry about adjusting your insured amounts during the course of the year.
  • If you’re involved in the food retail industry, you may also want to add deterioration of stock as an optional cover.

Full theft cover 
At long last, you’ve got a choice between either full or limited theft cover for your business contents and stock. This is great news, especially since so many other insurance companies only provides limited theft cover. 

Money cover 
We’ll be happy to assist you with cover for any money that you keep on your premises during normal business hours, also after business hours, and even when you transport money. We’ll also throw in a free bonus benefit where we’ll increase the covered amount with 15% during December when you’re bound to experience a higher turnover. 

Public liability 
Protect your business against damages that you’re legally liable to pay for damages (e.g. a client slips and falls at your business premises).

  • You can also add optional cover to make sure you’re covered against legal liability caused by goods or products sold in connection with your business (required following the introduction of the Consumer Protection Act).

Business interruption
If you’re part of a franchise, we’ll provide you with cover where you’re required to pay franchise royalties and which you’re now unable to do, after an incident caused interruption to the normal running of your business. Just remember to include the royalty amount in the fixed expenses value when you apply for business interruption cover. At no extra charge, we’ll even cover the costs for all advertising materials (e.g. brochures) to get your business back up and running again!

Awesome product benefits

As part of the contents section of your cover, you’re automatically covered for all of the following – at no extra charge:

  • Replacement of all your locks or keys after a burglary.
  • The cost of an ambulance if you requested emergency assistance for any of your staff or clients.
  • Loss of your staff or client’s personal possessions during an armed robbery at your premises.
  • Compensation for the death of any of your employees following a fire or incident of theft at your premises.
  • The refill or replacement of fire extinguishing equipment after a fire.

Because you’re insured with OUTsurance, it goes without saying that you’ll only pay a fixed excess if ever you need to claim! In addition, you’ll receive free Help@OUT emergency office and roadside assistance, 24/7. This can include anything from security assistance to electricians and plumbers.


Add that little something extra

Of course, to make your life even easier, you may want to add your own touch and update the retail insurance product to get even more OUT:Update your buildings cover
Update your buildings cover so that you can insure the complete building or only the permanent fixtures or fittings, including glass to shopfront windows.Personal accident insurance against accidental death
Protect your employees by adding personal accident Insurance against accidental death.Employer’s liability
Add employer’s liability to receive insurance cover in case the business can be held liable for damage to an employee. You can also cover your business and personal vehicles under the same option.Employee dishonesty cover
Add employee dishonesty cover to protect all of the insured property of the business against theft by employees.