Specialised insurance for professionals

Our specialised business insurance product has been designed specifically for professionals and office-based businesses. It allows you to combine cover options to apply to your specific circumstances. This means that you can choose exactly the cover you want and need.

Product information

You can cover your business contents, general office equipment, electronic equipment, OUT-of-the-office items, money held at your premises, as well as stock items. In addition, you can take out business interruption cover to protect you against the financial loss you could suffer following the interruption of your business.

Electronic equipment

Even if you only want to insure one item of expensive electronic eqiuipment where the bank require insurance due to it being financed, we’d be happy to assist.

We’ll be able to assist you with cover in case of lightning strikes and power surges and dips. In addition, we can insure these items against theft and offer you our optional accidental damage cover, just in case worst comes to worst and someone accidentally pushes a printer or computer off a desk. We also realise that you may have to have these items serviced on a regular basis and that there might be a risk of loss or damage while these items are temporary removed from your premises.

Reinstatement of data and programmes

Data and programmes on electronic equipment often get lost during a claimable incident. We’ll cover the costs reasonably incurred to reinstate the data and programmes stored on these items up to the amount specified on your schedule.


Our contents insurance package takes care of any loss or damage to the moveable items in your office caused by wind, flood, hail, impact, subsidence, fire or explosion. For more detailed information on business contents cover, please click here.

If you’ve selected our contents cover, you’ll automatically receive the following bonus benefits at no extra charge:

  • Replacement of keys and locks following a burglary at your premises.
  • We’ll provide cover in case any of your client’s personal possessions are stolen while visiting your premises.
  • We’ll pay for the cost of an ambulance in the event of an emergency situation relating to your staff or clients.
  • We’ll provide hole-in-one and full-house cover.
  • We’ll compensate you for the death of an employee caused by fire or theft at your business.
  • We’ll even pay to replace or refill fire fighting extinguishing equipment after a fire.
  • On top of this, we’ll even cover the cost of lost or damaged stock at your office, to include items such as stationery, liquor, coffee and tea.


OUT-of-the-office cover provides you with cover against loss or damage for items usually taken and used outside of the office. This would typically be items such as cellphones, iPads and laptops.

Business interruption

Business interruption will provide you with cover if you suffer a financial loss following an interruption to your business. If you add the amount relating to your annual professional body subscription fees to your fixed expenses, this can also be covered under the business interruption product. The business interruption product also makes provision for free bonus benefits such as the loss of professional fees incurred during the time you’re summoned to appear in court to give a professional opinion.

Public liability

Our public liability cover will protect your business against damages you’re legally liable to pay (i.e. if someone slips and falls whilst at your premises). As part of our public liability bonus benefits, we’ll also cover the cost in cases where first aid treatment was administered and resulted in injuries for which your business can be held liable.

More cover options

You can also add buildings cover to cover the complete building or just the permanent fixtures and fittings added, such as glass and building signage such as advertising boards. Our Personal Accident cover will provide cover in case of the accidental death of one of your employees whereas Employer’s Liability cover will protect your business against damages liable to an employee. You can also protect the business’ insured property against theft by employees with our Employee Dishonesty cover.

In addition, we provide cover for vehicles – owned by the business or owned by you, personally.

Awesome benefits

  • Although many insurance companies will calculate your excess as a percentage of the claim amount, we’ll only require you to pay a fixed, flat excess amount, no matter how big the claim might be.
  • In addition, we’ll guarantee your premium for a period of 12 months, even if you submit a claim during this period.
  • We’re also pleased to confirm that if you remain claim-free, we’ll pay 10% of your paid premiums back in cash. Read more about the OUTbonus.
  • We pride ourselves on awesome claims service and will do our best to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.
  • Finally, if you’re faced with a roadside or office emergency, you’d only need to call 08 600 80 000 and our Help@OUT team will come to your assistance, free of charge.