Specialised insurance cover for medical professionals

Get tailor-made business insurance cover

We've gone the extra mile to make sure we've got a tailor-made business insurance product that will appeal to the very specific insurance needs of medical professionals (e.g. doctors, dentists, orthodontists, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc).

This being said, OUTsurance still offers your business the same list of benefits you've come to know and associate with our brand: world-class service, 12-month guaranteed premiums, fixed insurance excesses and of course, the OUTbonus reward for remaining claim free.

As part of our specialised insurance cover, we've structured the cover so that you can take out standalone cover if you want to insure only one item on a standalone basis. An example of this would be when you only want to insure an expensive medical scanner where the bank requires insurance due to it being financed.

Product options

We would like to suggest the following product options:

  • Accidental cover
    We'll cover any piece of electronic equipment that gets damaged by accident. So, if a patient accidentally pushes a sonar machine off your desk, we'll gladly pick up the bill. Keep in mind that you can also choose to insure your office contents, stock, buildings or business interruption cover options against accidental damage.
  • Items you use outside the office
    Our out-of-the-office cover ensures that whenever you take your medical bag and other medical equipment outside the office, we'll make sure that these items are covered against loss and damage.
  • Full theft cover
    In contrast to the usual limited amount of cover usually offered in the market, we can provide you with full or limited theft cover for any equipment or stock, depending on your specific circumstances.
  • Loss of documents and X-ray records
    We'll cover your business for any loss of documents and x-ray records as part of your contents value. The reinstatement of digitally scanned records of your patients will further be covered as part of your electronic equipment.
  • Business interruption
    Our business interruption product takes care of your professional body subscription fees - we simply include this amount as part of your fixed expenses. We can also extend your existing business interruption to provide cover in case of accidental damage or theft incidents.

Without paying one cent extra

You'll receive compensation for loss of professional fees. So, if you already have business interruption cover and need to appear in court as a witness, OUTsurance will compensate you for the loss of income you incurred as well as the cost related to the summons.

If you have business contents cover, you automatically receive cover for:

  • Theft of a patient's personal possessions while they're at your premises.
  • In the event of a staff member or patient needing emergency assistance at the practice, OUTsurance will cover the cost of the ambulance for the call out and transport to the hospital.
  • We'll provide financial compensation in case of the death of any permanent employee caused directly as a result of a fire or theft incident at your practice.
  • OUTsurance will compensate you for a "hole-in-one" during a round of golf or a "full house" scored in bowls.
  • We'll also cover the cost of replacing locks, keys and access control devices for the insured premises following a burglary or attempted burglary.

You have access to our Help@OUT emergency office assistance, 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week at no additional cost. This means that if you’re unable to work because of an electrical problem at your offices, we’ll be happy to pay the call-out fee for an electrician as well as one hour labour. The same goes if you’ve been a victim of burglary and the premises cannot be secured – we’ll not only organise a security guard to stand guard, but we’ll also pay the call-out fee and the fee for a 12-hour shift. Keep in mind that if you’ve taken out vehicle insurance for your business, you’ll also automatically receive free Help@OUT roadside assistance.

Add the finishing touches

Although we've highlighted the main cover options, there may still be one or two items that you'd want to include in your business insurance package:

  • Our buildings cover enables you to cover the complete building or just the permanent fixtures and fittings added if you are a tenant.
  • Employees can be protected with personal accident cover against accidental death.
  • Employer's liability cover protects the practice against damages liable to an employee.
  • Public liability cover is available to protect the practice against damages you are legally liable to pay, for example if someone slips and fall.
  • You can also protect the practice's insured property against theft by employees with our employee dishonesty cover.
  • If needs be, you can cover vehicles owned by the practice and personal vehicles under the same product.