Specialised business insurance for hotels

Tailor-made business insurance

If you own or manage a hotel, motel, inn, holiday resort, function venue, campground or caravan park, you’ll be pleased to know that OUTsurance has designed a hospitality product to match your specific business insurance needs perfectly.

Product details

Bilking cover
We offer bilking cover as part of our 'money' section where you can nominate an amount you feel will cover you if visitors do not settle their bill. We can also cover your money after-hours, during standard business hours, and when transported.

Property of hotel guests
This optional cover under our contents section provides you with cover in case of damage to, or theft of guests’ personal items or property at your premises.

Contents cover
In addition to providing you with contents insurance for items such as décor items, tables, chairs or any other valuables, our specialised business insurance package also provides you with the following bonus benefits, at no additional charge:

  • We’ll cover any personal contents of employees at the premises
  • The cost of replacing locks and keys, as well as access control devices for the insured premises following a burglary or attempted burglary
  • Medical and funeral costs in case any permanent employee gets injured or dies due to a crime or in case of a fire, occurring at your premises.

Electronic equipment
Electronic items such as plasma screens, projectors and sound systems can be covered under electronic equipment. Cover is also available if any of these items are damaged by accident.

You can cover all your business stock against theft or damage. Optional cover is available under the stock section for damage caused accidentally, the deterioration of refrigerated stock in a fridge or feezer or stock outside the building. Stock-in-transit cover is also available when you transport stock or other business goods. 

Tourist attraction loss and/or business interruption 
We cover the financial loss you suffer due to the interruption of your business. We also provide 'tourist attraction loss' as an optional cover to make sure you’re covered in instances where food and drink poisoning, bomb scares, or a suicide occurs at your premises and where you lose business as a result of this.  This product also covers loss of business caused by any wild animal attack, polluted beaches or even the outbreak of contagious or infectious diseases. Please note that these have to occur within 50km of the hotel premises.

We’ll also provide you with cover where abnormal noise by construction activities within 500m of your hotel, that you were unaware of when you first selected this cover option.

OUTsurance also provides an optional cover product to cover you in cases where cases of theft or accidental damage interrupts normal business activities and where your business suffers a direct financial loss because of this.

Public liability cover
Public liability will cover your business where it is legally liable for an incident which occured in the course of, or in connection with your business. This includes cases where:

  • A guest is injured on the premises
  • A hotel guest suffers from food or drink poisoning at your premises.

You may also want to add optional cover for defective products, spreading of veld- or forest fires and for trauma counselling for staff members after an armed robbery.

Optional cover is available for the liability arising from animals breaking out of perimeter fencing. We’ll also cover the cost of recovering and relocating these animals.

We realise that you may need to apply emergency first aid to a hotel guest. If applying this treatment leads to injuries for which your business can be held liable, we’ll also cover these costs.

Buildings cover
On top of a great buildings insurance product, you’ll also enjoy access to bonus benefits, to include:

  • We’ll provide you with additional funds to repair the damage to your garden after a claim.
  • We’ll pick up the bill to remove any fallen trees.
  • We’ll compensate you for the loss of liquor and beverages.
  • We’ll pay for the damage caused by the escape of liquor or other beverages.

Vehicle cover and the transport of hotel guests
We can insure the business’ vehicles and we can also provide cover when you need to transport hotel guests.  You’ll also enjoy automatic access to our Help@OUT emergency roadside product, which means that we’ll come to your assistance any time of the day or night.

Employee dishonesty and employers liability
With OUTsurance’s employee dishonesty product, we’ll be able to indemnify you for the loss of your belongings and that of your business is stolen by any employee, member, partner, director or principal. In addition to this, our employer’s liability product will provide your business with insurance cover in cases where you’re liable to pay following the injury, illness or accidental death of any of your employees in their course of employment at your company. 

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Fabulous benefits

12-month guaranteed premiums and awesome service
At OUTsurance, fixed excesses, guaranteed premiums and great claims service automatically form part of the deal. On top of this, you’ll receive 10% of your paid premiums back in cash if you remain claim free.

Help@OUT Free emergency home and roadside assistance
In addition, you’ll enjoy free 24-hour Help@OUT emergency assistance when you have vehicle insurance, contents insurance or your business buildings insured with us.