Business insurance for guesthouses

Specialised business insurance

OUTsurance designed a business insurance product that allows you to add additional cover and benefits on top of your standard cover. This product is ideal for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, self catering accommodation, backpacker lodges and also rented out holiday homes.

Our product

Bilking cover
Our bilking cover option falls under the money section of your cover and allows you to nominate any amount you want to ensure that if your guests leave without paying, you will be covered. OUTsurance can also provide you with money cover during business hours, after hours, and when money is transported.

Property of guests
Guests may hold you responsible for instances of theft or damage to their personal property at your premises. You can now insure the uninsured property of your guests and visitors as an optional cover under the contents section of your cover.

Contents cover
Contents usually refer to items such as furniture or non-electronic goods of your business. At OUTsurance, you’ll enjoy cover for the personal contents of all your staff at the premises – free of charge.

As part of your contents cover, we’ll also insure stock, deterioration of stock, and stock that’s transported free of charge as a bonus benefit up to a specified limit.

You’ll also get the following bonus benefits, free of charge:

  • We’ll pay for the cost to replace any access control devices, locks and keys after a burglary or attempted burglary at the insured premises.
  • We’ll take care of any medical or funeral costs if a permanent member of staff is injured or dies due to a fire or crime that took place at the premises.
  • We’ll even cover the veterinary costs in cases where your household pet is injured in a motor accident.

Electronic equipment
You can insure all electronic items such as televisions, DVD machines or sound systems under the electronic equipment section of your business cover. We’ll also provide you with cover in case any of these items are damaged accidentally.

Tourist attraction loss and business interruption 
Business interruption covers the financial loss you suffer following the interruption of your business. Tourist attraction loss is an optional cover that will cover you for certain interruptions (e.g. when food or drink poisoning, a bomb scare or suicide occurs at the premises and you lose business because of this). It also covers loss of business caused by a shark or wild animal attack, pollution of beaches or rivers and the outbreak of an infectious or contagious disease – all occurring within a radius of 50km from the premises.

Abnormal noise caused by construction activities within 500 m of the premises which you were unaware of when this cover was selected will also be covered.

Optional cover is also available when theft or accidental damage interrupts the business and you suffer a financial loss.

Public liability cover
Your public liability insurance will cover the business where it is legally liable for incidents which occur in the course of or in connection with your business. When a guest is injured on the premises, it will be covered. We’ll also cover instances of food or drink poisoning occurring at the premises.

Optional cover is available for defective products, trauma counseling for your staff and guests following an armed robbery, and for spreading of veld- or forest fires.

In addition, we’ll provide cover where first aid treatment is done on guests during emergencies and it causes injuries for which the business can be held liable.

Buildings cover
Our buildings cover option hosts a list of free bonus benefits, to include:

  • the damage caused by the escape of liquor and beverages (together with the actual loss of the beverages and liquor),
  • the costs for repairing the garden in the event of a claim,
  • the cost for removing fallen trees.

Transport of guests and vehicle cover
You can insure your business vehicles for a range of cover alternatives and options. We will also provide insurance cover in cases where you need to transport your guests (e.g. from your premises to the airport). Help@OUT roadside assistance is also included at no additional cost together with vehicle cover.

Employee dishonesty and employers liability
This cover allows you to nominate a payout amount in case any personal items or those belonging to the business gets stolen by a business partner or member of staff. In addition, employers liability insurance covers damages you’re liable to pay arising from accidental death, injury or illness of any employee in the course of their employment with you.

Enjoy great benefits

Fixed excesses
Some insurers will calculate your excess as a percentage of the claim amount. In contrast to this, OUTsurance offers a flat fixed excess – irrespective of the nature and value of the claim. The excess can also be reduced at an additional premium.

Guaranteed premiums
At OUTsurance, your business insurance premium is guaranteed for a period of 12 months – even if you submit a claim.

Help@OUT free office and roadside emergency assistance is included at no additional cost with buildings or contents cover. It covers emergency assistance (i.e. call-out costs and one hour of labour) in cases where you may need a locksmith, electrician, builder, etc. It also provides you with security assistance in the event of an emergency (e.g. if your premises cannot be secured due to damage caused by a burglary).

Forced entry condition waived
Most commercial insurance policies require visible signs of forced entry in order for you to have a valid theft claim. We have waived this requirement, seeing that it’s very difficult for you to ensure that guests lock their rooms.