Business insurance for game lodges

Specialised insurance for your business

OUTsurance provides a specialised, custom-made business insurance package for all our business clients who own or manage a game lodge or nature reserve.

Our product

Bilking cover
Bilking cover is available under the money section of your package where we’ll pay out a nominated amount in cases where your guests leave without settling their bill. We can also cover your money during normal business hours, after-hours, and also when money is being transported.

Property of guests
You can also add “uninsured property of guests and visitors” to your standard contents insurance package. This will enable you to cover the costs of any of their personal items that was stolen or damaged whilst staying on your premises.

Contents cover
In addition to covering the usual content items such as freezers, fridges, items of furniture and other non-electronic goods of your business; we’d like to insure the personal items of employees working on your premises at no extra cost to you.

In addition, we’ve decided that you should get the following benefits without paying one cent extra:

  • The cost for replacing locks, keys and access control devices for the insured premises following a burglary or attempted burglary.
  • We’ll cover any medical and/or funeral costs if any of your permanent employees dies or gets injured following a fire or an incident of crime which occurred at your premises.

Electronic equipment
We’ll cover all your electronic items, to include sound systems, televisions and projectors under this section. We’ll also pay out in cases where any of these items are damaged accidentally (e.g. a guest tries to move the television set and accidentally loses his or her grip, causing the television to fall to pieces).

Chances are that you’ve got great amounts of stock you’d want to insure against theft or damage. If needs be, you can also select additional cover to make sure your stock is covered in cases of accidental damage, deterioration in a fridge or freezer, when kept outside the building, and also in cases where you’ll need to transport any items of stock or business goods.

Tourist attraction loss and business interruption 
Our business interruption product makes provision for any financial loss you may suffer following the interruption of your business. You can also add optional cover for when theft or accidental damage results in the interruption of your business and where you suffer a financial loss because of this.

Tourist attraction loss is available as an optional cover under our business interruption product and provides cover in cases where incidents such as a bomb scare, suicide, or food and drink poisoning causes you to lose business. It will also provide you with cover where a wild animal attack, shark attack, or even pollution to beaches or rivers occurred within a radius of 50km of your premises. We’ll even cover abnormal noise caused by construction activities within 500m of your premises which you were unaware of during the time when you selected this cover.

Public liability cover
This provides your business with cover in cases where it can be held legally liable for incidents which occur in the course of or in connection with your business. This includes instances of food or drink poisoning and also cases where a guest is injured on the premises.

You can also add optional cover for the liability arising from animals breaking out of the perimeter fencing on the premises and the recovery and relocation of these animals. The liability associated with hunting activities taking place at the premises can also be covered. Where first aid treatment is done on guests during emergencies and it causes injuries for which your lodge can be held liable, we’ll also cover these costs free of charge.

Buildings cover
When you take out buildings cover, we’ll add the following benefits free of charge:

  • The cost to remove fallen trees.
  • Damage caused by the escape of liquor and other beverages, including the actual loss of the liquor and beverages
  • Additional funds to repair the garden in the event of a claim (i.e. damages after a fire).

Transport of guests and vehicle cover
We’ll provide you with insurance cover for your business vehicles and also when you transport your guests (e.g. between the airport and the lodge).

You’ll also have access to Help@OUT – our free roadside emergency assistance service. So, if you’re stuck at the side of the road with a flat tyre, flat battery or even if you’ve just run out of petrol – we’ll gladly come to your assistance.

Employee dishonesty and employers liability
Our employee dishonesty cover allows you to nominate a payout amount in case any of your belongings or those belonging to the business gets stolen by any employee or business partner. Our employer’s liability product covers your business for damages that you’re legally liable to pay arising from the accidental death, illness or injury of any employee whilst in your employment.

More benefits

Guaranteed premiums and fixed excesses
Of course, because you choose to insure with OUTsurance, you’ll automatically enjoy the awesome list of benefits that’s become an integral part of our brand promise: fixed excesses, guaranteed premiums, award-winning service, and if you don’t claim – you can expect an OUTbonus payout which is 10% of your paid premiums back in cash!

Free emergency home and roadside assistance
On top of this, we’ll throw in free 24-hour Help@OUT emergency assistance, standard with our buildings and contents cover. Simply call 08 600 80 000 when you need a locksmith, plumber, tree feller, bee keeper, or electrician – any time of the day or night.

Forced entry condition waived
Where most insurers require visible signs of forced entry in order for you to have a valid theft claim, we decided to waiver this requirement for game lodges and nature reserves, as we understand just how difficult it is to ensure that your guests always lock their rooms.