Food and catering business insurance package

Comprehensive business insurance

In order to give you a truly comprehensive, specialised business insurance product, we quite literally thought up every scenario in the book to make sure your restaurant or take away business will be covered no matter what.

Product details

Our tailor-made cover package includes the following:

Public liability insurance
Our public liability cover option makes provision for cases where you can be held legally responsible for any damages or injury to your patrons following the actions of your business partners or employees.

In addition to this, we’ll also provide cover in cases where any of the food sold or supplied by your business resulted in food poisoning. Food consumed on your premises will be covered under our standard public liability cover option and where food had been consumed away from your premises, we’ll cover this under our defective products section. 

Contents and electronic equipment insurance
Your tailor-made business insurance package includes comprehensive cover for any content items such as fridges, bar stools, chairs, tables, etc.

Then, at no extra charge, we’ll provide cover for the theft of any personal belongings of your staff or patrons during an armed robbery; the replacement of locks and keys following a burglary; and also cover in case of the death of an employee following a fire or armed robbery at your premises.

We realise that for many restaurants Point of Sale (POS) systems are integral to the normal running of their businesses. As such, we’d like to insure your POS system under our Electronic Equipment cover option. This cover option will also make provision for damage or loss of any of your more expensive electronic items such as sound systems or projectors.

Money cover
We offer a variety of money cover options from which you can select the one that best applies to your specific circumstances: you can insure money contained on the premises during business hours; also after business hours; whilst the cash is being transported to the bank; and also if you need take this home after you’ve closed up shop for the day.

We’ll automatically increase the selected cover amount by 15%, at no additional premium, during December when your restaurant or take away business is likely to experience a higher turnover.

If you take out our bilking cover option, we’ll make sure to pick up the bill in case any of your patrons leave your restaurant without paying. You can nominate the amount of cover you need us to pay out in case something like this should happen. 

At OUTsurance, we’ll cover any accidental damage to your business stock. An example of this would be when a member of staff accidentally knocks over expensive items of stock while restocking the bar or store room. If needed, you can also take out accidental damage cover for your business contents, electronic equipment and for business interruption.

You can choose to add “deterioration of stock” as optional cover under the standard “stock” cover. We’ll then compensate you for the loss of any refrigerated stock due to the interruption of municipal power supplies or machinery breakdown.

Buildings insurance
The building insurance section of this insurance package, automatically provides your business with cover in cases where the leaking or bursting of geysers, its parts and any concealed pressurised pipes caused damage. You can also choose to add optional cover for damage that was caused by rust or gradual deterioration of the geyser or pressurised water pipes. We’ve also made provision that your cover won’t be reduced with the age of the water heating system and that you’ll still only pay the fixed excess amount in case of a claim.

In addition to this, we’ll also insure any damage to your signage and any other fixtures and fittings, including fixed glass. We’ll also throw in free insurance cover to pay for the loss of actual stock items such as liquor and beverages, as well as any damage that was caused by the escape of the liquor or beverage contents.

Business interruption 
If your business is part of a franchise, we’ll pay out the required franchise royalties where you’re unable to, following an incident causing interruption to the normal running of your business. You simply need to specify the royalty amount in the disclosed fixed expenses value when taking out business interruption cover.

Where the theft of your POS system or any other item of electronic equipment resulted in the interruption of your business, we’ll cover this under the optional theft cover option under our Business Interruption product.

Employee dishonesty
You can nominate an amount to which you’d like to be indemnified for loss of your belongings or business items if stolen by any members, partners, or employees.  

More benefits

  • Your excess remains fixed, no matter how big your claim.
  • Your premium is always guaranteed for 12 months
  • We’ll provide you with world-class service, every time you deal with us.
  • In addition, when it comes to claims stage, you can be sure that we’ll do our best to get your claim processed as quickly as possible to get you back to business as usual.
  • Keep in mind, that if you don’t claim for three years, you’ll receive 10% of your paid premiums back in cash.
  • You’ll have access to free Help@OUT office emergency assistance, 24-hours a day. You can also add optional Help@OUT Trauma Support and HIV Care to receive trauma assistance for you, your staff and your patrons in the event of an armed robbery.