AT OUTsurance, you pay a fixed excess amount, always.


Different to many other insurers, at OUTsurance we only charge one fixed excess – irrespective of your claim amount. Yes, we do have a default excesses depending on the cover you select. But don’t be weary. To make our product more flexible, you have the option to fix this at a different amount depending on what suits your budget best.

No need to add additional pressure to an already stressful situation. With OUTsurance you will know how much you will be accountable for in the event of a claim.


One fixed excess amount.


Not only do you pay a fixed excess amount at OUTsurance, but also one fixed excess amount when you claim.

For example, should you have a claim following a fire at your building premises, you will only need to pay one excess. Even if you claim for your building, contents and stock each with a different excess – you will only need to pay one excess. One claim – one excess, irrespective of your claim amount.


If you are wondering which excess will apply, it will usually be the higher excess amount.


Insured somewhere else? You may be paying a percentage excess.

Other insurers often charge their clients an excess based on the claim amount as well as the nature of the claim. This means that you’ll be liable to pay a set percentage of the actual claim amount. This percentage can vary depending on the insurance company, but can be anything between 5% and 10% of your total claim amount.


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