Business interruption cover

We'll cover financial losses you suffer due to the interruption of your business. The business interruption must be as a result of a loss following a valid claim on your building, contents, electronic equipment or stock.

You can cover financial loss relating to monthly fixed expenses payable, monthly operating profit because of a reduction in turnover, or any additional working expenses incurred.

You can apply for optional comprehensive subsidence cover where you'll receive cover in case of any downward movement of land caused by natural shifts, human activity, volume changes in clay-based soil caused by changes in moisture levels, as well as normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of soil supporting the structure.

At OUTsurance, you can add optional theft cover to your existing business interruption cover. This means that if you submit a valid theft claim on your existing buildings, contents, stock or electronic equipment cover, you will also be able to claim for additional financial losses caused by the interruption of your business.