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Business buildings insurance

Get the best buildings insurance package for your business

At Business OUTsurance, your business buildings will be covered against damage or loss caused by impact, wind, hail, lightning, flood, subsidence, as well as damage caused by fire or explosion and malicious damage.

Buildings are also covered against power surge damage, burst or leaking water-supply systems and water pipes. We'll even pay for any fire extinguishing services in the event of a fire.

We cover accidental damage to water, sewerage, gas, electricity and telephone connections between the building and the public supply or mains. Malicious damage to the building is covered as standard.

Business OUTsurance will pay for loss or damage occurring during construction or alteration, caused by an incident for which you can claim. This includes cover for building materials, fixtures and fittings which you own or for which you are responsible. We'll even pay the extra cost to repair and rebuild the damaged sections so that it complies with the public authorities requirements.

Fixtures and fittings which are temporarily removed from the building for the purpose of cleaning, renovation or repair are covered for up to 15% of the insured value.

Business OUTsurance also offers business contents insurance if you want to insure the contents of your business.

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Business buildings insurance benefits - this is what you'll get out

  • Your excess remains fixed regardless.
  • Premiums are guaranteed for 12 months, even if you submit a claim!
  • Fast and efficient processing of business insurance claims faster  than what you'd ever expect.
  • Free Help@OUT emergency office assistance - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Receive a cash OUTbonus after three consecutive years of not claiming.
  • Access to an approved list of service providers.
  • Inflation-linked updates  are made automatically to ensure that your building won't be under-insured.

Great optional products for your Buildings Insurance

Why not add one or more of our great optional products to your business buildings insurance cover?

Theft cover
In case of loss or damage to fixtures and fittings inside or outside the building caused by theft, Business OUTsurance will cover you for the full replacement value of your items.

Accidental and malicious damage to fixed glass
This optional cover provides cover for both accidental and malicious damage (including damage caused by theft) to fixed glass forming part of the structure of the building as well as damage to sanitary ware.

Water-supply tanks and pipes wear-and-tear
You'll receive cover for damage caused by the leaking or bursting of a water-supply tank, its parts and any concealed pipes. This cover is specifically for damage caused by rust, decay, gradual deterioration, wear-and-tear, cracking, splitting, faulty materials and workmanship or latent defects.

Comprehensive subsidence insurance
Receive cover for damage caused by any downward movement of soil resulting from natural shifts or human activity resulting in structural damage to your property.

Loss of rent receivable
If, after a claimable incident, the building is unfit to occupy - we'll cover you for loss of rent receivable until the building is once again fit to occupy. We'll cover you for up to 20% of the sum insured.

Personal contents insurance is also available for you personally.