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Why you’ll love our property insurance package

Speak to any of our business insurance consultants and they’ll tell you that we’re all about providing you with the best business insurance package possible. Imagine great benefits, awesome service, fast and fair claims settlement, and value-for-money premiums - and you’ve got a winning combination. 


At OUTsurance we understand that there will not always be visible signs of forced or violent entry when your business is at risk of shoplifting incidents. For this reason we have designed optional shoplifting cover to protect you during normal business hours should such an unfortunate event occur.

Property of guests

If you own a guesthouse, hotel or game lodge it may happen that you will be held liable for theft or damages to your guests’ or visitors’ personal property at your premises. Property of guest cover is an optional cover specifically designed for you to cover the uninsured property of your guests and visitors.

Deterioration of stock

A major concern associated for businesses selling fresh produce, whether it is a butcher or a restaurant is the loss of refrigerated stock. Add deterioration of stock cover to your facility and cover the deterioration of your refrigerated stock.

Prevention of access within 10km radius

Should you be unable to access your property due to an incident that occurred within a 10km radius from your premises, OUTsurance will be there to assist you by paying for loss of rent up to a specified limit.

Renting out of stock

Renting out of stock cover is there to protect your valued items when they are in the possession of your customers. Renting out of stock is available as an optional cover which starts as soon as your item leaves your premises and ends when these items have been returned. 

Free Help@OUT office and roadside assistance

As an OUTsurance client, you automatically have access to our free Help@OUT emergency office and roadside assistance service. Simply call 08 600 80 000 any time of the day or night, we’re ready to assist. 


If you are worried about customers or guests leaving without paying their bills, this optional cover will put your mind at ease. If you select bilking cover you can nominate an amount you feel will cover you comfortably should an incident like this happen.

Fire extinguishing charges

In the event where you need to extinguish or fight a fire, we will not leave you out of pocket. OUTsurance will pick up the bill for any reasonable costs relating to the extinguishing or fighting of fire.

Fire, theft and accidental damage

Fire, theft and accidental damage

Cover your buildings, contents and stock against damage or loss because of fire, theft or accidental damage.  Additional covers including cover for power surges, deterioration of stock and renting out of stock are also available. We also provide you with peace of mind by automatically adjusting your stock value in the months you specify should your business be subject to seasonality – hassle free.

All risk cover

All risk cover

All risk cover provides you with worldwide cover for any business items you take or use outside the office. These include items such as laptops, cell phones, catering equipment, geological equipment used by a land surveyor, medical equipment or even items such as concrete mixers or chainsaws. 

Electronic equipment

Electronic equipment

This cover option is perfect for any electronic equipment item that you would like to insure against loss or damage at your premises. Cover is also provided in cases where you need to transport items from your premises to another location for cleaning, renovation or repair.

Business interruption

Business interruption

Should your business suffer financial losses due to damages that occurred at your premises and your business is unable to operate as normal, we realise that you may suffer financial losses because of a reduction in turnover or revenue. You may also struggle to pay monthly bills, employee salaries and expenses to keep your business afloat.

Speak to one of our expert business advisors to design the perfect business interruption package to cater for the unique needs of your business. 



Goods-in-transit cover assists businesses that will have to transport goods from one premises to another. This cover option is available as stand-alone cover and additional cover for when you need to transport goods outside the borders of South Africa is also available. 

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown

Machinery breakdown covers mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown. If you are worried about the cost of repairing one of your key machines after a breakdown occurs, machinery breakdown will put your mind at ease. Whether the breakdown is due to a lack of skill, faults at the workshop or in erection or a physical explosion of a machine component, machinery breakdown will provide the cover you need.

Other products

Other products

Make sure to ask our business advisors about office contents and buildings combined cover, as well as cover for glass, money and fidelity (employee dishonesty). 


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