Tailor-made insurance for body corporates

Specialised business insurance

Our Body Corporate Specialised Insurance package has been designed specifically to meet all the insurance specifications set out by the latest Sectional Titles Act and is perfect for all Body Corporates. It includes cover for buildings, loss of rent, employee dishonesty, theft, public liability, trustees liability, as well as SASRIA (riot and public disorder).

We’ve already made provision for damage to gate motors and intercoms under our buildings product so you won’t need to worry about specifying this under a different cover option. Also, damage caused by leaking or bursting of water heating systems and its parts are automatically covered. Best of all – your cover won’t be reduced with the age of your geyser and you’ll still pay the same low, flat excess as before. Keep in mind that if you need cover for damage caused by rust or normal wear and tear, you can always ask us to add this to your policy at an additional premium.

Great benefits

On top of a great product, you’ll enjoy the great list of benefits that’s become synonym with our brand: 12-month guaranteed premiums, fixed excesses, awesome service, fast and efficient claims service, and of course – a cash OUTbonus if you don’t claim.

At no extra charge, we'll also cover the following:

  • Replacement of locks and keys following a burglary;
  • Additional funds to repair the garden;
  • The cost of removing fallen trees;
  • Cover against the theft of garden furniture and tools;
  • Damage caused by the leakage or discharge of fire extinguishing equipment;
  • The medical and funeral cost following a physical assault of a permanent employee such as a watchman or gardener; and
  • Cover against the theft of personal contents of a permanent employee.

Our product also includes automatic escalation at no additional charge. This means that you’ll never be left under insured because the sum OUTsured will be automatically adjusted in line with inflation on the anniversary date of your facility.

Because buildings cover is included in this package, our Help@OUT Emergency Assistance Service is available to you at all hours of the day and night, absolutely free of charge.

So, this means that our approved list of plumbers, electricians, tree fellers, bee keepers and locksmiths are at your service at no additional cost. We’ll even cover the cost of the call-out fee and 12-hour shift of a security guard in cases where a unit cannot be secured due to damage caused by a burglary. We trust that our Help@OUT Emergency Assistance Service will to a large extent reduce the Body Corporate’s use of surplus funds where common property is affected and that it will also reduce the cost to each resident affected in these emergencies.

Additional cover options

We've got some great additional cover options that you can add to your Body Corporate Insurance package:

  • You can cover a manager’s office or the club house furniture under our contents cover option;
  • Electronic Equipment insurance will cover all the computers and electronic equipment in the office;
  • Money cover for money held on the premises;
  • OUT-of-the-Office cover to cover gardening and maintenance equipment;
  • Employees can be protected with Personal Accident cover in case of accidental death;
  • Employer's liability cover to protect the Body Corporate against damages liable to an employee
  • Vehicles owned by the Body Corporate
  • Extended Public Liability cover to protect you against liability claims following the spreading of a veld fire.
  • Loss of Rent cover will provide owners with the reasonable cost of other premises if the building is unfit to occupy following a claim. It also includes cover if damage to any other property within a 10km radius prevents access to your premises.