Worldwide cover for items taken outside the office

Business OUTsurance will cover items you take outside the office for loss or damage. This includes items such as notebooks, laptops, cellphones, pagers and any other portable equipment.

With our OUT-of-the-Office product (also known as 'all risk insurance'), you can cover items forming part of a 'tool box' or 'doctor's bag' as a tool set. However, any item in a toolbox that exceeds R3 000 in value, must be specified.

Awesome OUT-of-the-Office benefits

  • Your insurance excess stays fixed.
  • You excess amount is much lower.
  • Even if you claim, your premium stays unchanged for a period of 12 months - whether you claimed or not!
  • We'll put in extra effort to make sure your business insurance claim is processed as quickly as possible.
  • If any items are accidentally lost or damaged, you'll still be covered.
  • Take your insurance with you wherever you go - we'll cover your OUT-of-the-Office items worldwide!

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OUT-of-the-Office cover up for grabs!


  • OUT-of-the-Office unspecified cover
    To insure a group of items, without necessarily wanting to specify yeach and every item, unspecified cover will be just perfect.
  • OUT-of-the-Office specified cover
    Specified cover is perfect to cover specific items that are individually worth more than R1 500


*Personal OUT-and-About cover is also available for you personally, or can be added to your business insurance facility.

Business insurance

At Business OUTsurance, it doesn't matter how big or small your business is, or the type of industry you operate in - we'll still work out a deal that saves you money on your business insurance!

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