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OUTsurance 702 Pointsmen Project Tender Awarded to Traffic Freeflow

After months of uncertainty over the future of the OUTsurance 702 Pointsmen, the City of Johannesburg awarded the tender to the current project manager, Traffic Freeflow. The new agreement allows Traffic Freeflow to act as project managers until March 2015.

In November 2011, the City of Johannesburg was required to put the project out for public tender following the requirements of the Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA).  It was agreed that the pointsmen would be registered as Peace Officers to allow them to continue working throughout the proposal process.

Project manager Traffic Freeflow, together with media partner Talk Radio 702 and principal sponsor, OUTsurance, are all exceptionally pleased with the new agreement.

Colleen Bekker, Managing Director of Traffic Freeflow says that she would like to thank all the partners, specifically lead sponsor OUTsurance, media partner Talk Radio 702, the JMPD as well as the City of Joburg for their hard work and dedication in keeping this project going.

Willem Roos, CEO of OUTsurance agrees. He says that OUTsurance is certainly very proud to be a part of this initiative and that they’re looking forward to working closely with the JMPD and the City of Johannesburg to take this project to even greater heights.